About Schoolcraft, MI

The village of Schoolcraft, MI is located about 20 minutes South of Kalamazoo and is home to over 1,500 residents. The city is a frequent destination for those shopping for antiques, fine dining, or simply wanting to visit a community with both historic and modern characteristics. Schoolcraft has a vibrant downtown full of small town character and charm. The city is also home to four quality, award-winning schools, making real estate in Schoolcraft, MI an excellent option for prospective home buyers.

  • Small town character
  • Antique shopping
  • Fine dining
  • Vibrant downtown
  • Award-winning schools

Residential Property

At Hughey Realtors, we work with both residential buyers and sellers alike. No matter what the reason for selling, the preparation stage is a crucial and timely part of the selling process. Preparation can take up to a month or more to get your home sale-ready. We offer our professional advice along with evaluating your home’s worth to prepare you for what to expect in the weeks to come. Our experts will develop a residential property marketing plan to get your home sold quickly and at a fair price!
One of the biggest investments of your lifetime is buying a home. The process of buying a home can be a difficult and daunting task. Our Realtors will provide you with professional advice to help you make informed decisions in the early phases of buying real estate in Schoolcraft, MI. At Hughey Realtors, we pride ourselves on being knowledgeable, efficient, and flexible to get the job done!

Vacant Land

Along with buying and selling residential and commercial properties, we also deal with the buying and selling of vacant land in Schoolcraft, MI. Our qualified agents will assist and advise you throughout the process of either buying or selling vacant property. We help you through the process of not only searching for land, but negotiating land for sale as well. Our agents know the area, because they are from the area and hometown proud, making them the perfect fit to guide you through this process.

Here at Hughey Realtors, we try our best to assure you’re getting a good value when it comes to buying land. We help our clients by shedding light on important issues such as property zoning, building restrictions, financing and soil testing in Schoolcraft, MI.

When selling vacant land, our first initiative is developing a marketing plan to bring exposure of the available property to prospective buyers. Our knowledgeable staff will work to maximize your net equity.

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