Buying and Selling Vacant Land

In addition to buying and selling residential & commercial properties, our qualified agents will advise you throughout the process of searching for and negotiating vacant land for sale.  At Hughey Realtors, our experienced agents are knowledgeable of the area and will guide you when buying or selling land.


Our professional Realtors will provide you with information that could save you money, and assure that you are getting a good value. They will walk you through the process of purchasing property by making things as easy as possible.  Before purchasing land, we help our clients consider a number of issues including property zoning, building restrictions, financing and soil testing.


The first step when selling property is to develop a marketing plan.  This plan will work to bring your land exposure to current buyers in the market.  At Hughey Realtors, we are knowledgeable in land division and how to maximize your net equity.